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Disability Snowsport UK is the fantastic charity that we, The Oxford Ski Company, are privileged to work with. Their aim is to make sure that anyone with a disability, may it be learning, sensory or physical, can ski or snowboard alongside other people.

For every booking made, The Oxford Ski Company make a small corporate donation to the charity. In addition our team are supportive with fundraising events and organised events for members of the charity. 

Originally thought up in the 70's, the idea behind skiing for the disabled came from David Morris FRCP MRCS DCH, a consultant paediatrician, adviser to the National Spastics Society (now Scope). His theory was that the movement available through skiing could have valuable benefits in enhancing coordination, balance and self-awareness in young people with cerebral palsy. Since then this idea has grown (despite some initial resistance) and now hundreds of people with various disabilities are benefitting from this fantastic sport thanks to DSUK.

Those who develop a real love for the sport have even found it life-changing and some have gone on to represent Great Britain in the Paralympics.

For more information vist the Disability Snowsport UK website »

DSUK is looking to make a million friends!

DSUK would like to make a million friends. If each of those friends donated  just £1, imagine the impact that could have on their work. 

Donate via JustGiving today »



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