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Good Honest Service - The Oxford Ski Company Way

November 09, 2012  · 
Good Honest Service - The Oxford Ski Company Way

Don't you just hate it when pushy, money hungry salesmen call you up in the evenings, at the worst possible time of day, talking too much and getting greedy and aggressive? They hound you with emails, then force you to buy something you don't really want, just so you can get rid of them. There is nothing more annoying…

Well here at The Oxford Ski Company, things couldn't be more different so you can breath a sigh of relief! We pride ourselves on offering you the best possible service you can imagine - no late night phone calls and no clogging up your inbox with useless information. Good riddance to the salesman stereotype! We listen to what you want personally and will only ever suggest properties and destinations that we know you'll love. We'll never send you suggestions that are thousands of pounds over your budget and we won't ever try and sell an experts only resort to beginner skiers. We're totally impartial and don't  give preferential treatment to particular hotels  or chalets. We're not tied into selling a certain number of beds to hit a target either - we work for you, not the  property owners and operators.

Our only objective is to find the perfect place to suit you personally and we've inspected everything in our portfolio ourselves, several times, to make sure it all meets our exacting standards. From the minute you pick up the phone to us, you'll be relieved to know you're speaking to a true ski expert.  We're in the mountains all the time and couldn't be more passionate about we do - you can really trust our advice. Our honesty and integrity is without question and we really know what we're talking about.

So hang up on that salesman, and give our expert consultants a call +44 1993 899 420

Speak to our experts and let us plan a true experience tailored around you.
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We have been designing and delivering luxury ski holidays for 25 years. Our experience in the industry is unparalleled. You can trust us to create the perfect trip for you and your family.


Our team live and breathe skiing and are passionate about the destinations we sell. We work with only the best chalet and hotel providers. All are regularly inspected to ensure our exacting standards are met.


Each Oxford Ski Company booking includes our complimentary pre-arrival concierge service. Your specialist will help arrange the all-important finer details that are part of planning the perfect ski holiday.


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