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Our Top Tips for Travelling with Children

August 17, 2012  · 
Our Top Tips for Travelling with Children

The thought of travelling with children can sometimes bring on nightmares but with our top tips, you are sure to have as stress free a journey as possible.  Many of us here are parents so we really know what it's like.

1. Young children don't seem to be scared of flying (in our experience - thankfully) but, ensure they suck on a yummy sweet or drink during take off - this will help stop their ears popping.

2. Bring a 'backpack of fun' full of munchies, books and toys. Essential for keeping them amused whilst on the plane and during transfers.

3. Invest in a good pair of ski goggles and sunglasses. Kids love looking cool and the little ones hate having the sun in their eyes. Goggles are the best for staying on their head and offer better protection.

4. Travelling with kids is fun and exciting. Embrace it with them and enjoy. They will  probably love it and you'll wonder what on earth you were worrying about!

5. Keep them warm and bring plenty of layers.  The sudden drop in temperature when you reach your snowy destination can be a big shock to little bodies.

6. We still think 'I spy' is one of the BEST games for journeys, especially if what you're spying has a skiing theme.

7. Factor 50 sun cream. I suggest putting this on every morning when you get them dressed.

8. Let them eat chips at lunch, it is a holiday after all and they love them.

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