Best Ski Resorts for Beginners

09 June 2012

Best Ski Resorts for Beginners

Skiing holidays are fantastic holidays for so many more reasons than just whizzing around on the slopes. They are fantastic ski holidays for families or groups of friends to get away, enjoy each others company, good food, wine and the comfort of a cosy chalet up in the beautiful and invigorating surroundings of the mountains.

So for those of you who are tempted but, for whatever reason won't be skiing you don't have to miss out! In fact as a non-skier you will have the time to discover all the other attractions and experiences unique to the Alps that your skiing comrades will be too busy to explore. Most resorts are surrounded by a network of enticing footpaths winding through the forests which often have a peaceful feel about them in comparison to the energetic hustle and bustle of the slopes. You can explore most of these areas by sleigh with a troop of huskies or a sturdy pony leading the way for an even more unusual experience. For thrill seekers there is an endless supply of activities to try from bobsleighs and ice climbing up frozen waterfalls to paragliding and skidooing across a mountainside. However, if you aren't looking to exert yourself in any way you will still find plenty of culture to immerse yourself in during the day, or shops to roam from the chic luxurious shopping of resorts like Courchevel and St Moritz to the more traditional ones of local food, wines and crafts in smaller resorts.

Also, don't forget the many festivals and events that pop up in various Alpine locations throughout the year, from classical and popular music to comedians and artists.

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