Brand New Luxury Ski Chalets And Reasons To Book Them

05 July 2016

Brand New Luxury Ski Chalets And Reasons To Book Them

Each year our attention is caught by the scattering of new, amazing properties being built/refurbished/launched in time for the coming season. Time and time again we are ‘wowed’ by the generous budgets spent on these properties and the new facilities and experiences they bring to the luxury chalet market.

Of course part of our job is to ensure that you hear about them when deciding where to book your next trip but the other part of the job is managing expectations and providing you with as much information as possible to help overcome any hesitations about staying in a property that hasn’t been fully ‘tried and tested’. But in almost every case, there are many, many more reasons to book a brand new chalet than not! Here are just a few:

  1. You will get to enjoy crisp, fresh furnishings and in some cases you may even be christening a brand new property.
  2. There’s a higher chance of getting the availability you need for your dates as the property won’t have had time to build up loyal, repeat clientele who book ahead.
  3. Most new properties start with lower prices in the first season so you will more than likely get a lot more chalet for your money.
  4. The owner/chalet operator/staff will all be extremely motivated to ensure you have a truly fantastic time and as a result, come home talking about them in the best light.

We do understand though that one off-putting factor can be a lack of images or CGI images - necessary in cases where the property is not ready to be photographed. It does take a bit of faith when booking, as you are unable to see the finished product, but over our 18 years of experience we have come to realise that we can pretty much trust the CGI images from the architect. The chalets are almost always true to the plan and more often than not they are in fact better.

To find out about the brand new properties we are excited about for this coming season, give one of our chalet specialists a call on 01993 899 420 or enquire online and let us find you the perfect match.