It Turns Out Skiing Doesn't Have To Hurt Your Feet!

08 September 2016

It Turns Out Skiing Doesn't Have To Hurt Your Feet!

Hands up who has experienced uncomfortable ski boots? We can all tell dramatic stories of excruciating pain, tears up the mountain and throwing all our proverbial toys out of the bubble lift. Why is it like this for so many? For some reason we have a tacit understanding that skiing should be painful. However if your trainers gave you that amount of pain on the track you’d bin them immediately. Why is skiing different? This is where pioneering businesses like DaleBoot step in (pun intended), who custom make ski boots to ensure ultimate comfort, innovative design and high performance on the snow. Skiing has never been so pain-free!

The company has been running since the 70’s and constantly strives to provide both professional and amateur skiers with quality and comfort, from when they first patented the genius invention of foam injected liners to the range of boots they have today, which all encourage different levels and styles of our favourite sport.

The Ski Boot Fitting 

The boot fitting process is thorough and detailed, beginning with analysis of the lower leg and foot, and including bone structure which dictates where many of the hotspots form. They then look at the flexibility of the skier’s foot, arch rigidity and degree of movement of the heel cord (who knew your foot was so unique and complex!). The length and width of the foot is then measured, together with the actual volume of the foot, which is critical for the full customisation of the boot. Final stages include an in-depth consultation to ask the skier about their preference of terrain, ability and past experience of boots. The shell is then customised and the boot is tested by the client for hot spots or pressure points. The liner is then created, boots moulded around the foot itself, which takes 10 minutes to complete and the canted DaleBoots patented soles created.

Get Skiing!

The final test is to get skiing! DaleBoot are so confident in their boots that any fit adjustments needed over the life of the boot are free of charge. Here at The Oxford Ski Company, we often say that if there is one piece of skiing apparatus to invest in it should be your boots. After all, we want our clients to enjoy every aspect of their holiday and holidays should not, above all things, be painful. Instead imagine yourself swooshing down the mountains enjoying every aspect of the sport, mountains and your surroundings without your feet crossing your mind once. This is the stuff of skiers’ dreams!

Oxford Ski provide luxury ski holidays with an unrivaled concierge service. We personally visit all chalets to ensure they meet our standards.