Jump the queues fly by private jet

17 December 2012

Jump the queues  fly by private jet

The Oxford Ski Company has partnered with Victor providing you with the best jet charter rates and for the very first time,  offering bookings on a private jet on a per seat basis at equivalent to business class fares.  Travelling by private jet will get you on the slopes faster with flights into smaller airports that are closer to the resorts. So skip all the hassle of commercial flying and enjoy more time in the mountains at the very best prices available.

Victor is the world's first marketplace for private jet charter and per-seat bookings and in conjunction with The Oxford Ski company, we can now fly you out to the best luxury ski chalets and hotels in the world.

We will arrange your jet charter at the most competitive price and if you choose, Victor will sell any spare seats on either your outbound or returning flight to other Victor members - off-setting your charter price. Alternatively, we can source seats available on another members flight for you or you can group together to take advantage of all the benefits of private jet travel with your friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Example prices:

London - Geneva return from £1,650 per person for a party of 8.

London - Sion return from £1,675 per person for a party of 8.

London - Zurich return from £2,066 per person for a party of 6

For more information see http://www.flyvictor.com/Ski_Smarter#.UMi4WuRg-8A