Keep Warm this Winter with Self Heating Ski Wear

04 December 2012

Keep Warm this Winter with Self Heating Ski Wear

Woohoo - skiing in a bikini! We love Bruno Bernard's retro image of this carefree 1960s skier. These days the swimwear-on-skis look is more 'Borat' than 'Ursula Andress' though - you're more likely to see daredevil skiers sporting mankinis and fluorescent g-strings. Some people will do anything for a tan and we've all seen it all (especially in Austria) -it's just not as glamorous as it used to be! 

And we hate to be the 'fun police' but what happens if you're suddenly caught in a blizzard? You could get a bit chilly…

Well not anymore! Fun loving skiing fashionistas/exhibitionists can still sun themselves safely on the slopes  with the help of these gadgets to combat the cold -

The Columbia Electro Amp Jacket - Wrap up warm with the help of battery charged, Omni-Heat electric technology. This jacket offers instant relief from the second you first feel a chill, at the push of a button.

Wonder Warmers - Carry these with you when you go skiing and slip them inside your gloves when your hands freeze up. These little gel packs rely on a chemical reaction that produces soothing heat instantly. Available in different sizes and reusable!

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles - These wireless, rechargeable,  remote controlled insoles keep your feet toasty warm and maintain a steady temperature allowing you to trudge around in the snow without your toes going numb.

Heated Underwear from WarmX - From tights to undershirts, WarmX has produced a range of heated underwear for men and women that can be switched on and off when needed to ensure you're always a comfortable temperature.

Maplin Self Heating Waistcoat - This stylish waistcoat heats up to 40˚C in 5 minutes and has a zip that doubles as a compass. Batteries are not included but it's a bargain at just £12.99!

So go on, be brave, don your most fashionable swimwear and hit the slopes!