Sushi Burritos… The future of mountain energy food?

14 January 2013

Sushi Burritos… The future of mountain energy food?

I'm afraid I can't take full credit for the idea of sushi burritos, that honor goes to one of my chef idols, David Chang of Momofuku fame in New York.

I will however try and take a little credit for bringing them to the mountains!

They are the perfect teatime treat for après or by the addition of a bowl of Jenmai miso with silken tofu and kombu strips they become a great dinner party/pot luck dish alongside saki bombs and frozen plum wine!

The idea is to have some fun with the contents but a good way of building these is to start with a quality pesto wrap, smother it in guacamole then lay a sheet of nori on top, begin layering the sushi rice with pickled ginger, wasabi and mayonnaise. Top with white crab meat, sockeye salmon, tuna and caviar along with cucumber strips, grated carrot and mizuna before wrapping tightly and cutting on the bias.

Enjoy experimenting with the contents, Sushi Burritos are the future!

Peter Hughes is the Executive Chef at Bighorn in Revelstoke, recently crowned 'The World's Most Exclusive Chalet'' by the Financial Times 'How to spend it', 'The King of all Heli Lodges'' by the Robb Report and the ''Apex of the Apex!'' by Forbes Life.