What’s New in Val d’Isère – Winter 2017/18

03 August 2017

What’s New in Val d’Isère – Winter 2017/18

Image courtesy of Val d'Isère Tourisme 

Val d’Isère is already an incredibly popular resort and it pretty much has it all in terms of providing you with everything you need for a fantastic ski holiday. But this year it is set to further its offering dramatically, with a number of exciting and significant changes. There are so many we thought it was high time to consolidate them all.

Building Projects

Image courtesy of lecoindeval.com

Construction is the watchword here as Val d’Isère is embarking on one of the most ambitious building projects undertaken anywhere in the Alps for a generation. Called ‘Le Coin de Val d’Isère’, this is a redevelopment project at the heart of Val d’Isère and will be carried out over the next 5 years. With a £170 million budget we have no doubt it is going to result in spectacular improvements.

So, what exactly will this redevelopment accomplish? 

  • A brand new piste which will allow skiers to cruise on past the Bananas restaurant and bar.
  • An underground moving walkway (we can’t wait to try this out!) that travels from the middle of town to the main access lifts on the snow front, the Olympique and Solaise gondolas. Le Coin will create the five-star level of 21st century ski convenience that was somewhat previously lacking.
  • Two brand new apartment complexes are being built giving rise to the prospect of 100 new private homes at the very centre of this world class resort – something that happens very rarely. We do not have any further details on availability of these properties but there will of course be a lot of interest from potential buyers who want to secure a new residence in such a prime location.
  • The demolition and construction of a new ‘triangle’ of buildings which will extend for 250m along the main road (Avenue Olympique). If you are a regular at Dick’s Tea Bar then note that this is being moved along with Le Petit Danois and numerous other businesses.

All in all, the redevelopment will cover 22,000 square metres and replace numerous 30 year old buildings. Environmental sustainability has been top of the list for re-developers with smart systems being introduced that will save energy along with other clever, environmentally friendly features like rainwater and snowmelt collection systems that will deploy the water in various buildings' sanitation systems. In addition, a geothermal energy system will provide heat to hotel rooms and apartments across the redevelopment.

We have been told that construction will be completed in phases and will have minimal impact on visitors during the winter months, so there is no cause for concern if you are planning a trip to Val d’Isère this year. We cannot wait to see how this project enhances what is already a superb resort!

For more information on Le Coin de Val click here


Great, natural snow conditions is the one thing we cannot plan for your holiday… it is therefore very important that, in absence of natural snowfall, there are suitable facilities for making snow. Val d’Isère offers guaranteed snow from late November to the beginning of May and has numerous snow canons across the resort to ensure they deliver on this guarantee. This year, additional snow canons have been added to the long schuss back to town from the bottom of the Santos run, ensuring there is good snow coverage throughout the season for this alternative home run to the daunting black Face de Bellevarde.

Image courtesy of valdisere.ski

Datcha Chair Upgrade

For long term Val d’Isère visitors you will have been aware of the upgrade and makeover of the Solaise area – this has now finally been completed with the removal of the old Datcha chair and replaced with a detachable quad.

Learning to Ski?

Beginners should head to the Sunny Ride nursery slope to explore the new range of fun obstacles which have been designed to help the beginner skier master the basics. Not bending your knees? You will have to if you want to get under the arches! Master those turns by hitting the gong with your pole as you turn. Great fun even if you are not a beginner!

New Restaurant

Part of a skiing holiday is enjoying great food and Val d’Isère has a full compliment of fantastic restaurants and eateries which cater to all tastes and budgets. These are now joined by L’Étincelle which is the latest on-piste restaurant near the bottom of Solaise. Enjoy authentic local cuisine whilst taking in the panoramic views of the ski area. As with any exciting new restaurant, we will make sure we plan a visit for research purposes!

New Hotel (coming soon!)

It is not going to be ready for the 2017/18 season but we are looking forward to what promises to be a great addition to the Val d’Isère hotel collection; when the oldest cable car station in France is transformed into what will be France's highest hotel with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Opening in December 2018 and we will let you know more then!

Even without all of these exciting new developments, Val d’Isère is a top resort and always the most popular choice amongst our clients. To arrange your next ski holiday (to here or anywhere else) please do contact our team on +44 1993 899 420. We have a wonderful portfolio of Chalets and Hotels for you to choose from and our concierge team can help you plan all of the essential aspects of your trip. Please click here for further contact information.