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Driving change for a better future

Our Environmental Commitment

Protecting our playgrounds and our love of skiing for future generations

Travel and tourism have long been staple industries which provide infrastructure and significant economic support to many areas of the world, yet we are all painfully aware that these luxuries come with their own cost, a cost to the very environments which we call our playgrounds. We believe it is our responsibility to take positive action to help tackle climate change and increase awareness of it to protect our winters for future generations.

We have always taken strides to make positive change wherever we can in our own operations and are increasingly looking to support others in their efforts to drive positive change not only in our industry, but beyond. Whilst our charity activity looks to support those who desperately need help, we also firmly believe that protecting our playgrounds upon which the very fabric of our industry relies is vitally important.



“We take responsibility for our operations and help build awareness for others to follow suit”

We all have a responsibility to take action and make efforts to protect the future. We have partnered with two excellent organisations helping businesses like ours to make a difference.

Through our partnership with ClimateCare, we are ensuring that we are offsetting the emissions generated from our business operations, both from our domestic office use and our international travel.

Also working with POW UK, whilst we understand and appreciate that individual action is key, raising awareness within the industry is critical. POW UK work to inspire and equip UK based outdoor communities to take positive action to address the climate crisis and to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society.

Closing the loop on our efforts to tackle climate change, we have partnered with EcoSki. This innovative brand respresents the most environmentally and eco conscious ski brands in the world, helping customers confidently purchase technical and high quality clothing from leading brands, but with a cleaner conscience. We are thrilled to be able to offer those who book through Oxford Ski Company a 15% discount on their next purchase at EcoSki*.

Beyond these formal partnerships, we also continually improve our day-to-day consciousness of our impact and how we can help by reducing unnecessary travel, leveraging technology such as video conferencing rather than making short-stay trips abroad and pro-actively facilitating recycling in the office for all recyclable waste.


Our Clients

“We offset all holidays for everything booked through Oxford Ski Company”

Taking responsibility beyond our own team and operations, we also believe that if we are encouraging people to travel, we should also ensure those elements of their trips which we’re responsible for are also offset. On this basis, we offset an average of 1.3 tonnes of CO2 for each of ski holiday booked through us (based on a group of 10).

With airlines offering offsets through their booking process, it is easier than ever to travel, safe in the knowledge that you have been responsible and helped protect the future for others.


Our Suppliers

“We select our suppliers based on their environmental consciousness to help drive change”

Whilst we can expect everyone to share our vision for the future, we must accept that not everyone will participate. However, we do make conscious efforts in the selection of our suppliers to give credit and preference to those who share our point of view.

We genuinely hope that with the work being done by organisations such as those which we have partnered with, this will eventually be an aspect of business which we can take for granted.

As an industry, resorts have always played a big part in driving climate consciousness and change. Some of the efforts include a change to electric snowmobiles (Avoriaz), banning of cars in-resort (Zermatt), powering entire resorts with local hydro-electricity (Whistler) and using particle-filters on furnaces to create ‘dust-free’ environments (Saas Fee) – to name but a few. We really are all in this together, working for the same goal, from the moment you leave your home.


Our Pledge for a Whiter Future

We will continue to appraise our business operations and the impact which our industry has on the environment. We want to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same amazing escapes which have been afforded to us for so long, enjoying the slopes of the world and the peaks of the globe, safe in the knowledge that we played out part and helped to drive positive change for a whiter future.


Further Information on our Partners

ClimateCare Mission

  1. Be the partner of choice for organisations who want to take full responsibility for their carbon emissions
  2. Encourage best practice by promoting our unique Climate+Care approach to cut carbon and improve lives
  3. Demonstrate how a profit with purpose business can operate in an economically sustainable way, deliver impact at scale and still meet the climate change challenge we face.


POW UK Mission

  1. Drive Change – encourage us as winter sports enthusiasts to make changes to our lifestyle to reduce our personal carbon footprints
  2. Influence Others – support members to advocate change to others; we can’t change the world on our own
  3. Be Sustainable – campaigning to companies and organisations to commit to a low-carbon future
  4. Invest Responsibly – A call-to-arms encouraging everyone to question where their money goes and how banks and the financial sector are investing funds.


EcoSki - Save 15% when you book through Oxford Ski Company

"We care about how things are made, how manufacturers and suppliers are treated, and what happens to our skiwear next. We believe that what goes into the clothes we wear should be as common a question as what goes into the food we eat. "

There are ski brands out there who are dedicated to producing the best technical wear and are equally passionate about limiting their social and environmental impact.

By bringing these amazing brands together under one umbrella we want to make it easier to shop more responsibly. 

What's more, when you book through Oxford Ski Company, you will receive a 15% discount for your next purchase with EcoSki*, so you can equip yourself and your family whilst saving money and helping save our playgrounds for future generations.

*Applies to "lead booker" only, for a single use discount code for one-time purchase. No limit on value or quantity.


What makes us different?


We have been designing and delivering luxury ski holidays for 25 years. Our experience in the industry is unparalleled. You can trust us to create the perfect trip for you and your family.


Our team live and breathe skiing and are passionate about the destinations we sell. We work with only the best chalet and hotel providers. All are regularly inspected to ensure our exacting standards are met.


Each Oxford Ski Company booking includes our complimentary pre-arrival concierge service. Your specialist will help arrange the all-important finer details that are part of planning the perfect ski holiday.


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