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Since 1998

Why use us?

 Simply look no further

For many years, the traditional image of a travel agency has involved brassy stewardess style uniforms, disappointing package deals to mediocre destinations and handwritten signs. Since the dawn of the internet age however, the face of the travel agent has been completely transformed and the services offered by specialists like us couldn't be more different. Booking with Oxford Ski Company is a luxury in itself; it's not just the properties and resorts we offer that will make your luxury ski holiday with us your best yet.

Putting our playgrounds first

We appreciate the impact which travel can have on the environment, yet we also understand the economic infrastructure it provides to millions of people around the world. To play our vital role in both better understanding and also tackling the climate change impacts which are a reality to us all, we have forged three strategic partnerships to help drive change and awareness both within our industry and beyond. This includes complimentary offsetting of all bookings made through Oxford Ski Company and support of environmentally conscious business, offering all clients 15% savings when buying their apparel through our partner, EcoSki. Further information on our environmental commitment can be found here

A certain something special

We've been devoting our time to organising the very finest skiing holidays for 22 years and work very closely with all the best privately owned and operator run chalets in The Alps - offering you an extensive, yet handpicked choice. We work hard to personally inspect properties on a regular basis and they must offer that 'certain special something' that sets it apart from the rest. 

Working for you

We work for you, rather than for any particular hotel or resort, so you can trust that our advice is always impartial. The best part of all is that you never pay extra for our services (a common misconception) and we often have access to a multitude of last minute deals and special offers. We will always get you the most for your money and you pay the same with us as going direct; we'll save you time AND give you much more choice.

Getting you organised

Every detail of your holiday will be organised when you book with us too. We do far more than simply booking your accommodation for you - holidays with us are truly tailor-made. In advance of your holiday our team and our partners will discuss your food preferences, help organise childcare, discuss any ski school requirements and much, much more. See our Pre-arrival Concierge page to find out more.

Time is precious

We understand that holidays are the most precious time of all and we don't want you to waste a single second. Looking after you is the most important part of what we do so keep us on speed dial for all things luxury ski. We will get it right and make things happen. 

What makes us different?


We have been designing and delivering luxury ski holidays for 22 years. Our experience in the industry is unparalleled. You can trust us to create the perfect trip for you and your family.


Our team live and breathe skiing and are passionate about the destinations we sell. We work with only the best chalet and hotel providers. All are regularly inspected to ensure our exacting standards are met.


Each Oxford Ski Company booking includes our complimentary pre-arrival concierge service. Your specialist will help arrange the all-important finer details that are part of planning the perfect ski holiday.


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