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Five Reasons to Go Spring Skiing

February 07, 2024  · 
Five Reasons to Go Spring Skiing

As winter loosens its grip and the sun starts to shine a bit brighter, there’s no need to hang up your skis just yet. Spring presents the perfect time to go skiing, with longer days and milder weather helping to create the perfect conditions to maximise the time you can spend on the slopes.

Warmer Weather

Finally, you can shed some of those layers. As spring takes hold of The Alps, the weather isn’t quite so biting. 

For many, one of the most appealing aspects of spring skiing is the warmer weather, creating more comfortable conditions for hitting the slopes. Spring skiing offers pleasantly cool days and crisp mountain air. With the cold no longer as fierce, you’ll find can spend even longer out in the mountains.

Not only is the overall skiing experience enhanced, but the milder weather allows for greater flexibility in skiing attire. Skiers can opt for lighter gear that enhances mobility without sacrificing warmth. 

Longer Days

Not only is the weather better – but the days themselves are longer. 

It’s a perk of spring skiing that comes hand-in-hand with warmer weather, allowing you to fully maximise the amount of time you can spend out on the slopes. Utilise the extended hours of daylight to explore the mountains, soak up the sun at your favourite apres bar, or ski to your heart’s content.

Longer days also afford you greater flexibility in planning your skiing adventures. Whether you prefer to start your day with early morning runs or enjoy skiing under the setting sun, the extended daylight hours accommodate a variety of schedules and preferences.

Endless Blue Skies

The Alps are famed for their abundance of bluebird days – a term practically synonymous with spring skiing. With spring’s arrival, you can typically expect an increase in those picture-perfect days characterised by clear skies, abundant sunshine, and excellent visibility.

Bluebird days bring with them a set of conditions that are every skier’s dream. The combination of fresh spring snow and radiant sunshine creates ideal conditions for carving turns and exploring vast expanses of terrain. Whether you're cruising down perfectly groomed runs or seeking out off-piste adventures, bluebird days provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable skiing experiences.

These days are just as appealing to any non-skiers in the group, providing them with extensive mountain vistas and perfect weather with which to explore the ski resort.

Indulge in Après Ski

No discussion of spring skiing would be complete without mentioning the legendary après ski scene. After a thrilling day on the slopes, skiers and snowboarders gather at mountainside bars and chalets to unwind, socialise, and celebrate the day's exploits.

The vibrancy of the après ski scene is increased tenfold as spring takes hold of the mountains, as revellers can spend even longer enjoying themselves on the sun-soaked terrace of their favourite mountain bar.

Whether you prefer sipping an Aperol Spritz and gazing out at the mountains, or if dancing the day away at a live DJ set is a little more your scene, you can guarantee that the milder conditions of spring will help enhance the experience. 

Fewer skiers, shorter lift lines

With fewer skiers out on the slopes during the off-peak spring months, you’ll find yourself with more room to manoeuvre on the mountains, allowing you to explore the terrain at your own pace. You'll encounter fewer bottlenecks on the trails and have the freedom to carve turns, navigate moguls, and enjoy uninterrupted runs down the slopes without worrying about congestion or overcrowding. 

What’s more, decreased crowd numbers mean shorter lift lines. Instead of wasting precious minutes queuing for lifts, you can maximize your time on the mountain, enjoying more runs and covering more terrain throughout the day. 

These facts also make spring a great time for beginner skiers to head to the mountains and familiarise themselves with the slopes. Decreased crowds mean beginners won't find themselves so preoccupied with avoiding fellow skiers, and the shorter queues will hand them even more time to practise their skiing skills.

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