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Our Most Popular Luxury Ski Resorts in Switzerland

September 23, 2021  · 
Our Most Popular Luxury Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Europe, Switzerland is a skier’s haven. As a result of the incredibly rich snow, combined with a whole host of mixed difficulty runs spanning thousands of kilometres, Switzerland is renowned the world over for its skiing.

Due to the massively embedded ski culture, many of the top skiers in the world are from Switzerland, as well as the country being a regular host of ski world championships. In this blog (regardless if you are a ski world champion or not!), we will be going over the top resorts in Switzerland to have your luxury ski holiday, as well as what to look for in luxury chalets and hotels to stay in.

If you haven’t set your mind on Switzerland just yet, we also have advice on luxury ski getaways in France, Italy, Canada and Austria.

In no particular order, the five resorts we will be talking about in this blog are:

  1. Verbier
  2. Zermatt
  3. St. Moritz
  4. Gstaad
  5. Saas Fee

 Verbier, Switzerland

 Located at 1500km above sea level in the stunning Swiss Alps, Verbier is one of the most famous resorts in Europe; and for good reason. Known for its remarkable stretch of off-piste runs, the experts and high-level skiers amongst you will find a haven of adventure in Verbier. Saying that, with the 410km of routes in total, there are many opportunities for learners and beginners looking for blue and green runs to play with.

 In terms of the nightlife, Verbier is packed with cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy the apres side of life. Skiing holidays are so much more than just the skiing itself; the stunning scenery, nightlife combined with absorbing the culture of the local area will add plenty of extra value and enjoyment to your trip.

 If you were looking for luxury chalets in Verbier, they are abundant. From groups of six to twenty-six, the sheer amount of chalets available to choose from makes it far easier to design your dream break. If you are a large group (all the way up to twenty-six!), Chalet No.14 is the place for you. Although the entire chalet can be booked exclusively for one group, it is also possible to just book a single room if you are a couple on a romantic holiday.

Some of the luxury features include an indoor swimming pool, library and private cinema. Also included with a booking at Chalet No.14 is a chauffeured 4x4 vehicle, available twenty-four hours a day to take you to and from Verbier itself.

Why not check out the luxury chalets and hotels in Verbier.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Situated next to The Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in Europe, Zermatt has plenty of ski heritage to show off. Similar to Verbier, the range of chalets is vast and full of world-class venues to host your luxury ski vacation. 60 Chalets in total present opportunities to host groups from six all the way up to forty-eight, with individual rooms also being available to book out if you are a couple.

There is also a fantastic selection of hotels if you were looking to stay in a hotel rather than a chalet. An example of the quality you can expect from hotels in Zermatt is the Mont Cervin Palace. With 150 rooms and a range of suites available, the Mont Cervin Palace will cater for your every need.

If you are a family with small children, the hotel includes a children’s play area and children’s dining area, where a buffet is served every day. Along those same lines, there is a children’s pool and playroom in the spa and wellness centre. Skiing with children, and holidaying in general, can be a challenge; so having these extras specifically designed for children can really take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to relax.

Stepping away from the hotel, various ski schools and childcare centres for your children during the day are ready to accommodate. Ski schools are key to success when it comes to learning proper technique from the off. Learning the ropes and building solid foundations alongside a qualified instructor will set you on your way from snowploughing to parallel turns in no time!

Why not check out the luxury chalets and hotels in Zermatt.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Exclusivity is St. Moritz in one word. One of the most luxurious resorts in Switzerland, you can expect Michelin star restaurants, designer outlets and much, much more. When it comes to the surroundings, St. Moritz is located in the Engadine Valley in the Eastern Alps. Due to the luxury and lavish nature of the resort, plenty of celebrities choose St. Moritz as their destination of choice.

When it comes to chalets, Lakeside has a stunning view of the St. Moritzersee. The Chalet sleeps six, which makes it perfect for a family getaway or a small group holiday. You can expect plenty of luxury features to add entertainment to your holiday; a grand piano, Bose central music system and a home cinema in the master bedroom.

The accompanying balcony quite literally opens out to view over the lake. With the regularly sunny weather and climate, the outdoor position provides the perfect opportunity to participate in a bit of sunbathing in between your skiing.

With family ski holidays, having your own space can make a real difference; this is why chalets are a fantastic option if you want your own private space. Also having the ability to cook your own food if you wish (in between dining at the selection of Michelin star restaurants, of course) can give an added layer of a family feel to the chalet.

Why not check out the luxury chalets and hotels in St. Moritz.

Gstaad, Switzerland

Another opulent choice of location for your ski holiday is Gstaad, a vicinity again filled with world-class restaurants and designer boutiques. Gstaad itself is a traditional swiss village, located at a height of just over one kilometre above sea level. The clean air and level of clientele make this resort highly sought after, for both Swiss and international visitors. 

The collation of runs, in terms of difficulty, is also to be admired. If you are looking for plenty of space and time to relax on the slopes, there is a good level of blue runs and green runs to take your time around.

The Chalet Lottie has the capacity to accommodate up to fourteen people. Just outside of Gstaad, the chalet is nestled high above a small hamlet. This leads to incredible views of the surrounding mountains and valley, as well as offering a level of security and privacy for those that require it. Complete with an outdoor hot tub, private gym and cinema room, the chalet has everything you need to remain secluded in luxury and comfortable surroundings.

Why not check out the luxury chalets and hotels in Gstaad.


Saas Fee, Switzerland

Situated high up in the Saas Valley, the views from Saas Fee are really something to take in and admire. The village itself is completely car-free, which gives a beautiful snow-covered silence and a huge reduction in noise pollution compared to resorts with some level of automobile populous.

Having this car-free aspect also means it is easy to explore the village with small children, and not worry about any moving vehicles when you are roaming. The village has an excellent assortment of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

The ski runs top out at 3,500 kilometres, giving a fantastic range of high difficulty runs and off-piste space to explore. Saying that, there is equally plenty of runs that cater for those learning to ski.

Chalet Annapurna caters for up to fourteen people, and is spread over five floors. In order to give maximum accessibility to the views around the chalet, the building is equipped with panoramic windows. A key feature of the chalet is that there is no distance at all to the slopes; as a ski-out chalet, you are quite literally on the mountain.

Having this ski-out aspect will save time and effort from getting to and from the ski lifts, as well as certainly adding the novelty factor.

Why not check out the luxury chalets and hotels in Saas Fee.


Your next luxury ski holiday

Getting the balance right between finding a resort that has exclusivity compared to a resort that caters for those looking to spend less is quite the act, and it’s one that we are more than happy to help with. Whether you are looking for a hotel or luxury chalet, research is key to find the perfect venue for your needs and requirements.

Switzerland as a country is gifted for its rich cultural heritage, and beautiful mountainous regions. If you do have your mindset on Switzerland, you have made an excellent choice in doing so.

With a few considerations specific to your own personal demands, such as group size, whether you are travelling with small children or if your trip is corporate, there is indeed a lot to think about.

Due to the sheer number of venues available, it might be difficult to sift through the noise and find your dream holiday home. If you would like any help in finding a destination for your next ski holiday, whether in Switzerland or other countries in Europe and further afield, feel free to speak to our team of experts.

Speak to our experts and let us plan a true experience tailored around you.
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