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Return to the Mountains

October 14, 2021  · 
Return to the Mountains

What inspires you?

The world is opening for travel. Our beloved ski resorts are opening for guests. As skiers, we can now open ourselves up to the activities we love in the mountains… 

There is something intangible about the draw and allure of the mountains. The experience is so visceral it is hard to explain to others – and certainly impossible to do without a smile on your face.  

For those like us whom had become accustomed to making the annual pilgrimage to the mountains, the past 18 months has been a trial for our souls, being left un-satisfied as a result of the restrictions bought about by the pandemic. But this is all set to change….very soon. 

As we sit on the cusp of the season starting, the anticipation, excitement and opportunity is palpable.  

However, as with so many facets of life over the past 18 months, we have come to have a new perspective on the world around us and those around us. So many aspects taken for granted, so many people ever too convenient, such access we never expected to be taken away. This has forced us all to appreciate things so much more, even our escapes to the mountains. 

Whether it is the perfect reunion with family and friends, a re-discovered appreciation for adventure or a re-focus of the priorities in our lives, we each have our own stories and our own motivations to return to the mountains this winter – and we want to celebrate these. 

Over the next few months, we will be inviting skiers far and wide to tell us their stories about their return to the mountains and what it means to them.  

This is about so much more than a luxury ski escape, this is about discovering the ties that bind this incredible community together, each year going to great lengths to share the mountains, enjoy each other’s company and satisfy the cravings of our souls… 

So, what’s your RE/ason

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