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Six Reasons to Visit the Alps This Summer

April 09, 2024  · 
Six Reasons to Visit the Alps This Summer

When we think of the Alps, we picture snow. We picture cold climates, fresh powder, and après ski. The mountains are magical in winter, there’s no denying it — but there’s something just as special about the Alps at the height of summer, too.

Whilst the Alps are best known now for their perfect wintery weather and expansive ski resorts, tourism in these mountains began as a summer affair, as tourists sought warm climates and breathtaking natural scenery. 

Looking for that final push to venture out to the Alps this summer? Perhaps one of these six reasons will convince you…

1. The scenery 

Perhaps reason enough to take to the mountains this summertime: the unbelievable beauty of the Alps in summertime must be seen to be believed.

Expect rolling green hills and endless blue skies, pristine lakes and snowcapped peaks. For nature lovers and all those who enjoy being outside, summer is the perfect time to visit the Alps. The Swiss Alps are particularly regarded for their beauty, whilst the French town of Chamonix is also especially beautiful in the summer with its views of the Mont Blanc Massif. 

2. A break from the norm

Take a breather from the crowded beaches of the Mediterranean and instead enjoy a side of the Alps that you’ve never experienced before. 

The Alps are a wonderfully unique location for a summer holiday, offering a balanced blend of action and relaxation. The world is your oyster and the choice as to how each day will look is entirely yours. You could be hiking one day and sampling the best that Italian cuisine has to offer the next day, or you can soak up the sun by the lake every day if that’s a little more your scene. 

Whatever you do, you’ll have the breathtaking peaks of Europe’s largest mountain range as your backdrop – and that’s a sight that never grows old. 

3. A wellness hotspot

The origins of tourism in the Alps are rooted in the wellness retreat. The 19th Century saw visitors flock to the mountains’ lofty peaks in the summertime to indulge in the spas and wellness centres situated there.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, and the Alps remain an enviable location for a spa holiday. Hotels such as the Lefay Resort in the Dolomites and W Verbier have exceptional spa facilities, whilst many of the luxury chalets in our portfolio have outstanding private spa and wellness amenities of their own. 

4. Warm - but not too hot

The climate of the Alps in summer is practically perfect. The days are sunny and warm, but the fresh mountain air stops it from ever feeling too hot. It’s easy to cool off too, with the beautiful nearby lakes a great source of respite. Nighttime is also noticeably cooler, meaning there’ll be no tossing and turning throughout a humid, hot night. 

5. Culture, history, and very good food

Whilst winter in the mountains might see you preoccupied with skiing or snowboarding, summer presents a great opportunity to explore nearby alpine towns and villages. Each location has its own charm and there’s plenty to be learned and experienced. Talk to locals, indulge in traditional cuisine, and take in the alpine architecture. 

6. An activity for everyone

It may sound cliche, but summer in the Alps truly does provide something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to go for a hike, a leisurely wander, a bike ride or paddleboarding, the varied landscape of the Alps provides an abundance of opportunity. 

For avid cyclists, the Dolomites is a must-visit location, with a vast array of terrific mountain biking routes. Meanwhile, St Moritz Lake is a stunning venue for a selection of different watersports, whilst its smaller surrounding lakes serve as great bathing lakes, allowing you to relax and unwind in the heart of nature. 

Ready for a sunny escape in the mountains? Check out our summer portfolio. 

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