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The Hottest Hotels Working to Keep Our Climate Cool

November 28, 2023  · 
The Hottest Hotels Working to Keep Our Climate Cool

Working in the ski industry, we're acutely aware of the very real, very damaging impact of climate change. Twenty-five years has brought us great experience, insight, and knowledge. But, within this time, we've also borne witness to the changing landscape of the Alps.

Hotter summers, milder winters, and unusual and unpredictable weather events all take their toll on the alpine environment. The skiing industry is utterly dependent on a process that's entirely outside of mankind's sphere of influence. With limited snowfall, there is no skiing.

Climate change is a direct threat to the skiing industry  but, more than that, it poses a devastating risk to the health of our planet. Entire ecosystems are at risk, the flora and fauna already unsettled. If we're to continue on as we are, we risk causing significant and permanent damage to Earth. There is no Planet B; there is no going back.

Thankfully, great efforts are being made to counteract climate change. Businesses are more aware than ever of the impact they can - and do - have on our environment. 

We're proud that so many of the luxury properties in our extensive portfolio are taking real and meaningful steps to mitigate their impact on our climate. So, if you're looking to play your part and travel in a climate-conscious fashion, it's well worth considering a stay at one of the following properties...

The Valsana | Arosa, Switzerland

Sustainability is more than just a crow-pleasing buzzword to the Valsana. It's a value that appears to be incorporated into the hotel's every action and decision, from offsetting its carbon footprint to sustainably sourcing the products used in the hotel.

The climate crisis is an issue that the Valsana has taken to heart from the very get-go. It's been 100% carbon neutral since 2019 — just two years after it opened its doors to the public. 

Since then, the Valsana has further continued to reduce its environmental impact, offsetting its carbon emissions through investment and involvement with environmentally friendly initiatives throughout Switzerland and the wider world.

The Valsana's commitment to environmental consciousness has seen it take an innovative approach to climate-positive action, rendering it something of a sustainability trailblazer. The hotel uses forward-thinking technology, such as its ice battery, which is used to heat the Valsana by converting waste heat emitted by appliances into heat that can be used to keep the rooms warm and water hot.

The Valsana - which has earned Green Globe certification through its sustainability efforts - is a proud champion of taking meaningful action to minimise its carbon footprint. In fact, if you decide to stay at the Valsana this winter, make sure to go on one of its 'Green Tours', where you'll be able to learn about the hotel's sustainable actions in greater depth.

Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti | Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

The Lefay Resort's commitment to sustainability is a value that manifests itself outwardly. The hotel's very architecture is eco-conscious. Design decisions have been made to ensure that the Lefay's architecture is harmonious with the surrounding woodland environment, highlights the beauty of the natural landscape the hotel is situated in.

The Lefay strives for sustainability in its operations, too. Through the high level of insulation within its interiors, and via its use of renewable energy, the Lefay is highly energy efficient. 

Chalet del Sogno | Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

Chalet del Sogno is another luxury ski hotel taking a staunch approach to a sustainable way of life. Energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint is achieved through thermic and acoustic insulation. 

The building is heated geothermically, allowing Chalet del Sogno to reduce the amount of energy consumed - and thus cut down on the production of carbon dioxide and other damaging toxins.

Hotel L'Apogee | Courchevel 1850, France 

As a part of its sustainability strategy, Hotel L'Apogee has been partnered with France Nature Environment since 2017. Founded in 1968, France Nature Environment acts to preserve and protect the surrounding natural environment and all its flora and fauna.

Working alongside France Nature Environment, Hotel L'Apogee commits itself to implement changes and take actions to better conserve the beautiful landscape of Savoie. 

Alpina Gstaad | Gstaad, Switzerland

The Alpina Gstaad's commitment to sustainability has been recognised by EarthCheck, the leading organisation for the certification of sustainable tourism. The Alpina Gstaad was the first Swiss company to receive the much-coveted Gold certification - a clear mark of the importance it places on taking environmentally conscious action.

The Alpina Gstaad's sustainable actions take many forms. It works to spread awareness in the local community, educating young people about the merits and importance of living a green life. Alongside this, the Alpina Gstaad has played host to numerous sustainability summits throughout the years.

The hotel's grounds house multiple beehives, allowing the production of its own Alpina honey. In the summer months, young guests staying at the Alpine Gstaad can learn all about the hotel's honeybees in a workshop taught by a local beekeeper. 

Cervo Mountain Resort | Zermatt, Switzerland 

Registered as a member of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland, Cervo takes social responsibility seriously. In the aim of acting sustainably, the Cervo has partnered with various organisations working to take care of the environment and people of Zermatt. 

For guests wanting to make a positive difference themselves, Cervo allows guests to book CO2-compensated stays. Opting for a CO2-compensated stay sees guests make a small donation to myClimate, which Cervo then doubles. myClimate offsets the CO2 emissions of the guests' stay, whilst the donations are used to fund sustainable projects and measures in the local area and the wider world.

Cervo also regularly donates to Water Is Right (WIR), a foundation advocating for people's right to access clean water and sanitation. The donations made enables WIR to fund its many water and sanitation projects. WIR works to provide those living in disaster areas and developing countries with access to clean, potable water. 

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