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The destination

Luxury ski chalets and hotels in Chamonix are absolutely fantastic to stay in. Chamonix is widely regarded as the ‘capital of the Alps’, Chamonix joins a fewer smaller ski villages at the foot of Mount Blanc. This is Alpine adventure-seeking at its best, with challenging pistes, spectacular views and unrivalled cosmopolitan atmosphere. With one of our carefully selected rental properties serving as your base, you can enjoy all that Chamonix has to offer—both on the slopes and off.

Chamonix’s connection to Alpine sports is legendary. When the first Winter Olympic Games were organised in 1924, this is where they were held. But that was after nearly two centuries of rising fame. The village first emerged as a tourist destination in the 1740s, when Richard Pococke and William Windham returned to Britain telling tales of its winter-sport potential. They were soon followed by waves of ski enthusiasts.

The fact that Chamonix has been involved in hospitality for so long contributes to a highly refined experienced. Many local restaurants are helmed by Michelin-acclaimed chefs. Likewise, the chalets that operate here are expertly managed and regularly exceed guests’ expectations in terms service and facilities.

The Majesty of Chamonix in Mont Blanc

Nothing compares to the vistas enjoyed in this stretch of the French countryside. Chamonix is nestled into a valley very near the intersection of France, Italy and Switzerland. The majestic Mont Blanc is ever-present, creating a spectacular backdrop to frame the village.

Chamonix’s epic terrain is what makes this such a popular ski destination, but it also makes it an extremely challenging place to ski. Thrill-seekers and expert skiers frequent these slopes in search of formidable and well-known pistes. There are many ways to get one’s adrenaline pounding off the slopes as well. Mountain climbing and hang-gliding are both popular pursuits around Mont Blanc.

Despite its reputation as a challenging ski destination, Chamonix features varied terrain and has plenty to offer novice and intermediate skiers. It is also worth noting that the 11km Mont Blanc Tunnel has changed the dynamic of this historic mountain town. Now it’s quite easy to arrive via the motorway that crosses from France to Italy. With this in mind, Chamonix is a popular escape even for weekenders who are only planning on spending a day or two out of the pistes.

Luxury Ski Chalets & Hotels in Chamonix

With the beautiful scenery and well-run infrastructure, Chamonix is a lovely place to stay. We have hand-selected a collection of Chamonix luxury ski chalets for you to choose from, ranging from intimate cottages to lavish properties that can accommodate more than 40 guests. The experts at The Oxford Ski Company are shrewd when it comes to selecting properties worthy of our service. Each chalet has to demonstrate a little something special in order to earn a place amongst our listings.

Most of the restaurants and nightlife options—along with the resort casino—are located in the town centre, providing a host of Après-ski opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about this legendary ski destination, as well as how we can help you find the perfect chalet for your group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We Recommend

  • Our favourite run: Chamois
  • Best off-piste: Vallee Blanche
  • Mountain Lunch: La Bergerie de Plan Praz
  • Après Ski: Chambre Neuf & La Chavanne
  • Dinner: Munchies
  • Non-skiers: Tramway du Mont Blanc

The Essentials

  • Ski School: Evolution 2
  • Private Guides: Prestige Outdoor
  • Childcare: Oui Care
  • Massage: Spa La Bachal at Albert 1er Hotel
  • Transfers: Alpes Limousines or Mountain Drop off


Key Facts

  • Domaine: Chamonix Valley
  • Resort Height: 1035m
  • Skiing Elevation: 1035-3840m
  • Pistes: 155km
  • Green: 16%
  • Blue: 36%
  • Red: 32%
  • Black: 16%

Luxury Ski Chalets & Hotels in Chamonix Piste Map

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Getting There

Geneva (GVA)
1h 15m / 95km

Chambery (CMF) 
1h 45m / 145km